Roger Waters Slams Bono: David Draiman Comes To U2 Frontman’s Defense

While sharing his thoughts on Eurovision 2024’s contestant list, including Israel’s Eden Golan, Roger Waters also brought Bono into the discussion. David Draiman stepped in to defend the U2 frontman in the comments section of the X post.

Waters, who has recently been making the headlines with his views on the Israel-Hamas conflict, wrote:

“If Eurovision doesn’t ban Israel from Malmo, and Eden Golan doesn’t withdraw, her name will live in infamy forever alongside Bono and the rest of the Genocide-deniers. Love R.”

Upon that, Draiman posted a video of himself from a concert where he revealed a banner that read ‘F**k Hamas’ and captioned:

“Hey, Roger! Remember me, you old crusty anti-Semite? You just can’t get enough, can you? Bono has more heart and integrity in his little finger than you have in your entire dictator-loving/terrorist-supporting, black-hearted body of yours.”

The Disturbed frontman ended his tweet by hashtagging a Jewish solidarity anthem called ‘Am Yisrael Chai.’

The Dispute Between Draiman And Waters

While Roger Waters’ comments about the situation between Israel and Hamas caused controversy on social media since early 2023, Draiman didn’t hold back from criticizing the Pink Floyd singer on his own accounts.

After Waters’ Third-Reich-themed stage prompts in Germany caused a backlash in the media last year, the singer took to X and called him ‘the living, breathing antithesis of everything he’s supposed to represent.’

When a fan later came to the Pink Floyd singer’s defense, suggesting that his fame was bigger than the Disturbed vocalist’s, he shared:

“And is therefore allowed to be a Nazi? Is that your opinion? This isn’t about who’s more famous. He wins on that front automatically. But better? I’m a better human being than Roger Waters ever will be. No contest there.”

You can see the two artists’ recent tweets below.