Nikki Sixx Feels Nostalgia While Visiting His Old Trailer House

Nikki Sixx recently shared a post on X, where he reflected on his trailer home days in Jerome, Idaho,  with nostalgia.

The Mötley Crüe bassist recalled that period, writing:

“Stood in front of my old house – trailer in Jerome, Idaho today. So many memories came flooding back. It’s been close to 50 years since I left and headed to Hollywood, but those teenage years were some of the best. We really had a need for nothing.”

The musician lived with his grandparents in Jerome, Idaho, until moving to Seattle to live with his mother. He remembered the time he spent in Idaho with the following words in a previous interview:

“We lived next to a silage pit, which is where the extra husks and waste left over after harvesting were dumped, mixed with chemicals, and covered with plastic. I lived a Huckleberry Finn life that summer — fishing in the creek, walking around the railroad tracks, crushing pennies under trains, and building forts out of haystacks.”

However, Sixx also had a troubled youth while he was in Jerome, Idaho. He did things like vandalizing, breaking into neighbors’ homes, stealing from stores, and he got kicked out of school for selling drugs. His grandparents then sent him to live with his mother.

The bassist still thinks that growing up in a troubled family and being raised by his grandparents taught him a lot. He told Billboard in 2021:

“The truth is some bad things happened in life, and I carried a lot of bullsh*t around with me for a long time. But some strokes of luck happened, too. My dad left, and I got to go live with my grandparents and their unconditional love. And we were fishing and hunting and traveling and living in the country a lot — modestly. I was having these experiences, some of which were probably not great for me in that we moved a lot, but I found myself in books and music and became a writer.”

You can see his post below.