ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons Seems Determined To Follow Keith Richards’ Footsteps

Several bands are saying goodbye to the stage with their farewell tours, including KISS, Eagles, and Foreigner. When UCR recently asked Billy Gibbons whether he had any plans for ZZ Top’s retirement from the spotlight, the guitarist revealed a conversation he had with Keith Richards that he plans to abide by. He explained:

“I borrow the conversation from an exchange I was able to enjoy with Keith Richards. He said, ‘Man, if we’re lucky enough to follow the words of Muddy Waters, he said, ‘Do it until you die.'”

Billy added:

“Of course, Muddy Waters was lucky enough to do just that. He was playing right up until the end. So we should be fortunate, I guess.”

It seems the musician is riding Muddy Water’s motto of ‘Do it until you die,’ considering ZZ Top’s recent overseas tour with his band BFG and their trek with Lynyrd Skynyrd two weeks later. Besides all the touring, Billy also gave insight to UCR about their new album that is in the works by saying:

“We’ve got some ZZ Top sessions. I’ve got about half a dozen tracks from the recent BFG rehearsals: Austin Hanks on the left-handed guitar and Matt Sorum on drums.”

In addition to ZZ Top Billy also revealed his plans for his solo band BFG. He said:

“But we’ve also got some tracks that were developed – some of it goes back over two years. So there’s some BFG stuff in the wind as well as ZZ Top. Get ready.”

You can read Billy Gibbons’ interview with UCR here.