Johnny Marr Says People Often Overlook Robert Smith’s Guitar Skills

The Smith’s Johnny Marr recently spoke about his guitar influences in an interview with Guitar World. The rocker mentioned that people usually underestimate The Cure’s vocalist Robert Smith‘s guitar talents.

Although The Smiths and The Cure are rock bands, their approach to the genre and its instruments are so unique that they are anti-rock at the same time. The Smiths are one of the most influential independent bands in the ’80s. Although their career together as a band only lasted for five years, they released four studio albums. They also contributed to the genre with their unique music.

Much like The Smiths, The Cure also gained a reputation with their distinctive style, paving the way for the next generation of musicians. Moreover, they were one of the first alternative bands to claim chart and commercial success in an era before alternative rock had broken into the mainstream. The Cure has another similarity to The Smiths in terms of their dark lyrics.

Guitarist Johnny Marr recently talked about another band that emerged around the same time but chose to continue music unlike theirs, The Cure. He mentioned how their guitarist Robert Smith is an underrated guitar player. He also stated how alike they think and how this approach brings a sense of mystery and rebellion. The musician then named ‘Charlotte Sometimes’ by The Cure to show how their sounds are similar, and Robert Smith expressed anger perfectly.

Here is what Marr said about Smith:

People often overlook what Robert Smith was doing on the guitar. The fact that he joined Siouxsie And The Banshees was really f*cking cool. Keith Levene and John McGeoch, too. In our own little ways, we were all thinking along the same lines, which is anti-rock. But we also wanted to bring a certain kind of mystery and, dare I say, an underground kind of ‘drugginess’ to it.

In other words, it wasn’t about being pretty and polite just because you were playing clean. Listen to ‘Charlotte Sometimes’ by The Cure and what Robert was doing on that. I went to see a lot of these bands when I was a kid, and I have to give credit to the times. It rubs off on you. We were all young, and it all added up to this feeling of futurism.”

The Cure is still actively performing with the lineup consisting of Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Roger O’Donnell, Jason Cooper, and Reeves Gabrels. In 2021, the band announced that they were working on two new albums to be released after the last one came out in 2008.

You can listen to ‘Charlotte Sometimes’ below.