Yes’ Jon Davison Addresses Neil Peart’s Impact On Taylor Hawkins

In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Yes singer Jon Davison shared Rush drummer Neil Peart’s influence on Taylor Hawkins, which encouraged him to become a well-respected and recognized drummer in the industry.

Taylor Hawkins and Jon Davison were children when they met in the ’80s. The pair started their musical journey in their parent’s garage. Hawkins began to play the drums, and they were in cover bands by the time they were high schoolers. As they grew up, their lives took different turns, and Davison eventually ended up as Yes’ singer while Hawkins ultimately landed in Foo Fighters. However, the pair remained close friends and never lost touch as they found their footing in the industry.

Davison recalled the drummer’s idols and inspirations, who helped him become the icon he was. Taylor’s first obsession was with Queen’s Roger Taylor after he had discovered their record ‘The Game.’ Hawkins was blown away by the Queen drummer as he was a part of the whole process of making music, from singing to songwriting. Some years went by, and eventually, they came across Rush. Their drummer Neil Peart greatly influenced Taylor‘s determination to become one of the best.

After the pair discovered Rush and Neil Peart, the late drummer experienced a turning point. Davison shared that Rush introduced them to progressive rock and more intricate styles of playing, and once Hawkins got hooked, ‘he really took off as a drummer.’

Jon Davison’s words about Neil Pearts’ influence on Taylor Hawkins as a drummer:

“That was a little later. Eventually, we discovered Rush, and Neil Peart was a major inspiration. That was our introduction to progressive rock and playing more intricate styles, and that’s when he really took off as a drummer.”

Davison described his dear friend as a fearless drummer at some point during the conversation. He shared that Hawkins wanted to be involved in every part of the music-making process, and he would write songs and play the guitar. Music was genuinely his passion which is why he was constantly inspired.