Neal Schon Respects Steve Perry For Giving Journey Members Space

You might have gotten used to seeing these two names in the headlines due to their numerous conflicts, legal battles, and controversies. Still, this time, we’re happy to let you know that this is not an article about the long dispute between Neal Schon and Steve Perry. Instead, it’s about Schon appreciating Steve’s thoughtfulness as a singer since he always knew how to share the spotlight with his bandmates.

So, we all love some good nostalgia now and then, and a Journey fan and Twitter user recently shared an old picture of Steve Perry and Neal Schon on stage, giving a hell of a performance. Fans then started stating how much they’d missed seeing this pair performing together, and some of them commented that Perry, standing by the side and a little back in the picture, always knew to back off and give some space to his bandmates while singing.

Upon seeing these comments, Schon decided to share some thoughts, stating that he did miss performing alongside his former bandmate and part-time rival Steve and agreed with the fans that the singer was always so considerate when it came to backing off and giving space to other members taking the stage. The rocker knew how to share the spotlight, which many vocalists didn’t know or preferred not to do so.

“Yes, I miss [performing with Perry],” tweeted the guitarist as he recalled working with Perry and replied to the Journey fans’ comments over how Steve had been considerate as a frontman. “Any singer can become annoying if they don’t give space for a great band to be heard, no matter how good they are. Steve definitely got it. Respect.”

So, a reconciliation might not be seen on the horizon, but it’s evident that some ice between the guitarist and the singer has started to melt, or at least on Neal Schon’s part. I guess time will tell whether the two frenemies will make amends and continue Journey’s legacy.