Poison’s Bret Michaels Explains Def Leppard’s Secret To Success

Given that Poison and Def Leppard worked together at different points in their careers, they are familiar with each other’s music and style. So, inevitably, they have some opinions about one another, as we can see in Poison’s lead singer Bret Michaels’ recent interview with the Pete McMurray Show. Michaels explained what makes Def Leppard ‘ageless’ and successful, using flattering words.

Poison toured with Def Leppard as a part of the Stadium Tour last year. The two worked alongside each other on two different occasions, as well. Thus, the frontman of Poison has had multiple chances to observe the qualities that make Def Leppard a long-running band.

Def Leppard has a music career filled with a rich history. They have been making music with a solid team for a long time. The band did not even try to replace drummer Rick Allen after the accident that caused him to lose his left arm while also causing him to suffer from PTSD. So, obviously, one of the things that have contributed to the band’s success is the strong bond between the members. The explanation of another quality came from Bret Michaels in his latest interview.

After praising the band’s music, Michaels stated that a part of their success comes from the fact that they play new songs on their shows, like himself. The musician explained that, as a fan, he likes hearing new music in addition to the hit classics. He expressed that he thinks what turned pieces into classics was letting people hear them.

Michaels commented on Def Leppard’s success as follows:

“They’re ageless. And their music… I’ve gotta tell you what I love about Leppard… Besides being super-awesome, nice guys, they have a lot big hits, but you know what’s great about them? They also — like myself, I’m saying as an artist — like to throw in new music in their set. And me, as a fan, I like to hear a new song.

Listen, I wanna hear the classic hits — don’t ever misunderstand me — but the reason they became hits is that someone spun them and played them so we could hear them. And I love that they threw in new stuff, mixed it in with all their hits. And it was great.”

In addition to the bond Def Leppard members have with each other, their inclusion of the new tracks also helps them with their long-running success, according to Bret Michaels. The musician thinks that playing new songs on stage and introducing them to the fans is what makes them great.’ Apparently, this is a formula he follows too. Thus, he appreciates the fact that Def Leppard applies it.