Brian May On Queen’s Upcoming Tour: ‘I Hope I Am Fit And Ready’

Queen is making a return to Japan, specifically the city of Sapporo, a place they last visited over 40 years ago.

In a recent video posted on his Instagram account, Brian May expressed his hope for being fit and prepared for the upcoming four-day tour. In the video, where he greeted his ‘Japanese friends’ with a ‘hello’ in Japanese, he included a written message in the description:

“Well, I think my Japanese is a little rusty – but this is my attempt to say ‘Japanese friends – Hello!’ – because suddenly the much anticipated Japanese tour is upon us! Final checks, packing, last fitness and finger-end hardening playing commitments – some people might call that practising! And – I hope I am fit and ready! We’ll soon be on that big bird in the sky. Yeeeow! Do you like our new touring logo?!”

The Tour Could Be Their Last Visit To Japan

The upcoming Rhapsody tour will include four cities in Japan, continuing to pay tribute to the enduring legacy of their lead singer, Freddie Mercury. The band assured fans of an ‘enhanced production’ for the show but also clarified that it might be the last time they tour the country.

“We are so excited to be returning to Japan, the country that has always held a special and most honored place in our hearts.  This may be the last time…who knows?”

The Rhapsody Tour has been ongoing since 2019, kicking off in Vancouver. It saw a European leg last year, including five nights at London’s O2 Arena. The Japan tour is scheduled to kick off on February 4 in Nagoya, followed by performances in Osaka on February 7, Sapporo on February 10, and concluding with two shows at the Tokyo Dome on February 13-14.

You can see the post here.