Wolfgang Van Halen Says His Song ‘Distance’ Is His Mantra When He Thinks About Eddie Van Halen


Eddie Van Halen‘s son and the founder of Mammoth WVH, Wolfgang Van Halen shared the video of his appearance on Today Show and explained how the lyrics of his song, ‘Distance,’ became his mantra when he thought about losing his beloved father.

As many devoted Van Halen fans would know, the late guitar icon Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang has inherited the unique talent of his father in music. While he was only 16 years old, Wolf replaced the band’s bassist Micheal Anthony and joined the recordings of their 12th and last studio album, ‘A Different Kind Of Truth,’ which was released in 2012.

Along with his career with Van Halen, Wolf has been working on his solo album for a while now. He previously announced that he started a new band named Mammoth WVH. After losing his father almost three months ago, Wolf released the first single titled ‘Distance‘ from his highly-anticipated album to honor his beloved father. The much-anticipated album of Mammoth WVH is planned to be released on June 11, 2021.

Recently, Wolfgang Van Halen joined The Today Show and present a special acoustic performance of their song ‘Distance’ with Mammoth WVH. He also answered the questions about his upcoming album and his relationship with his late father, Eddie Van Halen. During the conversation, Wolf was asked to clarify what the lyrics of ‘Distance’ really meant for him, particularly the part saying ‘No matter what the distance is, I will be with you / No matter what the distance is, you’ll be okay.’

In his response, Wolfgang mentioned that he referred to feeling the presence of someone that is important to him even though there was a distance that cannot be overcome in the lyrics of his song ‘Distance.’ He stated that the part saying ‘No matter what the distance is, I will be with you / No matter what the distance is, you’ll be okay’ has become his mantra when he thinks about his late father and the good times they had together.

Here is what Wolf Van Halen wrote in the caption of his post:

“Today Show Interview

Here’s my interview segment from this morning’s Today Show if you missed it! 🙏❤️🙏”

Here is what Wolfgang stated about the lyrics of ‘Distance’:

“I think it is just a thing that is almost like a mantra for you when you lose someone that’s important to you, as a parent or really anyone that plays a large role in your life. That’s kind of my mantra when I think about my dad.”

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