The Legacy Alice Cooper Wished To Leave Behind

Alice Cooper is one of the few names that significantly influenced the evolution of metal and rock music. He is known for dabbling with various elements in his sound, including heavy metal, glam metal, and art-rock. Songs like ‘School’s Out’ and ‘I’m Eighteen’ and albums like ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ and ‘Welcome to My Nightmare’ allowed him to continue his impressive career and build a dedicated fan base. Cooper hit the road more than 30 times in his music career spanning over 50 years.

Cooper’s unique approach to music and performances has allowed him to reach many different audiences worldwide. His originality in his craft has inspired many artists and bands over the years. Cooper’s influence was particularly evident among the younger generation of rock and metal bands looking to perform theatrical shows. His talent impressed many musicians differently, but the Godfather of Shock Rock has a particular image and legacy he wants to leave behind.

How Does Alice Cooper Want To Be Remembered?

Many aspects distinguish Alice Cooper from other artists, including his presence on stage. His theatrical stage shows with creative props such as the guillotine, live snakes, and dancing skeletons make it an Alice Cooper show. The rocker’s name goes hand in hand with shows that are fully prepared to shock the audience to their core.

Also, fans can’t forget his unique stage personality. His creative stage tricks helped boost his popularity and earned him huge commercial success over his years on stage. Both eccentric and manipulative, this creation caught the attention of fans and helped form a special bond. Even Cooper described his onstage persona as ‘a real schizoid personality,’ known for his unusual and unpredictable behavior.

When it comes to Cooper’s thoughts on his legacy, the icon revealed in a conversation with Business Jet Traveller that his gravestone would write ‘Rock and Roll Ziegfeld’ to show his influence on rock and roll. The tombstone will not only signify his stage persona as ‘Alice Cooper’ but also tell the story of his great theatrical performances that paved the way for future generations.

When asked about his legacy, Cooper said:

“I think, on my gravestone, it’s going to say, ‘Rock and Roll Ziegfeld,’ because we brought the big show to rock and roll.”

The musician spent years creating a stage persona and a music catalog that inspired and touched many people’s lives. Hence, while the forerunner of shock rock may have fundamentally influenced the next generation of artists, there will always be only one ‘Alice Cooper.’