The Truth About Alice Cooper’s Schizoid Onstage Persona


There are undoubtedly many points that distinguish Alice Cooper from other artists, but his theatrical stage shows are unique in their ways. The guillotine, live snakes, dancing skeletons, gallows are just some of the regular items that he prefers to use during the live performances. The Godfather of Shock Rock is famous for the elaborate preparations on the stage with the primary intention of astounding the audience.

From the very beginning of his music career, Cooper has come into prominence as one of the most inventive stage performers of his generation. Horror movies and vaudeville exceptionally inspire his shows. As the pioneer of shock-rock, the singer has naturally influenced the younger generations of artists with his unique stage persona. However, Cooper once said while many tried to replicate his stage acts, no one could copy his style.

Why Did Alice Cooper Claim Nobody Could Copy His Stage Persona?


It would be fair to say that Alice Cooper’s theatrical shows opened the doors for the upcoming generations of young artists and encouraged them to be more creative on the stage. Many performers followed in his footsteps and started using his stage tricks. His unique style also helped him raise his popularity and gain massive commercial success.

The rocker created an eccentric stage persona that would get a lot of attention during the shows. His extraordinary onstage persona contributed to establishing a special bond with the audience. As an eccentric and manipulative character, his persona captured the audience with exaggerated imagery that includes horror-themed elements.

During one of his old interviews, Alice Cooper was asked what kind of an influence he has had over the younger generations of artists. As a response, he stated that many of them copy his outlook but copying his attitude is almost impossible. The singer explained that they don’t just decorate the stage, but they put all these items there for a reason, which makes him different from the other performers.

Alice Cooper highlighted that the most challenging thing is to copy his attitude on the stage because he can never predict what ‘Alice’ will do during the live shows. Cooper described his onstage persona as ‘a real schizoid personality,’ who always acts unusually. He added that it is also a dangerous part of his stage persona. For him, his attitude can’t be copied by no means as the character he creates is unpredictable.

Alice Cooper speaking on why nobody can copy him:

“I think that a lot of them have borrowed a lot of the look. I think the hardest thing to borrow is the attitude. That’s the thing that I think separates Alice from the other bands and the fact that we don’t just decorate the stage; we use everything on the stage. Everything is up there for a reason. It is really hard to copy Alice’s attitude because I never know what Alice is going to do. Alice is like a real schizoid personality, and that’s what makes him dangerous.”

You can watch the full interview below.