Joe Elliott’s Key Role In Def Leppard

In almost all music acts, specific roles are distributed among band members. While many bands have a leader that makes the ultimate decision, some handle things democratically. However, the frontman usually stays in the spotlight and becomes the band’s spokesperson.

When it comes to recording a song, each member often has a different task to do. For instance, some members might be good at writing lyrics, while others might enjoy composing the song or participating in the mixing process. Even though the distribution of tasks might not be the same in every music act, Joe Elliott definitely had a vital role among the Def Leppard members.

What Does Joe Elliott Do In Def Leppard?

Although Def Leppard underwent several lineup changes, Joe Elliott remained one of the band’s original members. Throughout the years, Elliott contributed to Leppard with his singing, occasional keyboard and rhythm guitar playing, and songwriting. Besides, he also gave the band its name and made important decisions about their career.

In a 2022 interview with Louder Sound, Def Leppard members expressed their thoughts on the band’s career. During the conversation, drummer Rick Allen talked about Joe Elliott’s role in the band. He stated that the singer is the driving force and the life and soul of Def Leppard.

Besides Allen, guitarist Vivian Campbell also touched upon Joe Elliott’s importance in the band. According to Campbell, Elliott wasn’t a typical ego-driven singer but had humility. Moreover, the guitarist also argued that all Def Leppard members focus on making good music and looking after each other.

Here is what Rick Allen told Classic Rock about Joe Elliott:

“Joe is the driving force, the life, and soul of the band.”

Vivian Campbell also said the following about Elliott:

“Joe isn’t your typical ego-driven singer. There’s more humility to it. We’re all in service of the music. And we all look after each other to a certain extent.”

So, it appears like his bandmates believe Joe Elliott is a humble person who isn’t driven to do things by his ego. Besides, it is clear that Rick Allen believes that Elliott is the driving force behind Def Leppard’s success, who gives life and soul to their music.