Wolfgang Van Halen Believes He’s Captured Eddie Van Halen’s History On A Song Forever

Mammoth WVH, with its sophomore album on the way, recently released a new track called ‘Take A Bow.’ Following that, in an interview with Spin, frontman Wolfgang Van Halen explained that this 7-minute song, supporting a heavy guitar solo, carried Eddie Van Halen’s history and legacy.

Commenting on the creative process and the choice of equipment, the singer said:

“It was the last song we finished. It’s officially the longest song I’ve released to date, and I feel the guitar solo is really special. I played the solo on the original Frankenstein guitar and through Dad’s original Marshall head and one of the original cabinets. It’s straight up what he used on the earliest Van Halen records. It makes me happy to capture some of dad’s history on this song forever.”

Even though Wolf previously stated that he wasn’t keen on playing Van Halen‘s songs in his band before, he still found ways to pay tribute to the late guitarist. Back in March, the vocalist told Audacy Music that doing his own thing in music was the best way for him to respect his father’s legacy.

He went deeper into this by adding:

“I don’t think people realize that me just doing that is enough of a tribute and respect towards the life that he gave me and the interests he instilled in me. I don’t have to play ‘Panama’ in order to respect him, but, yeah, especially with the guitars, his whole line of guitars he made was named after me. It only felt right to sneak as many references to him like instead of an f-hole, it’s an ‘E-hole ‘for Ed and things like that.”

Mammoth WVH’s full record, ‘Mammoth II,’ will come out on August 4. Meanwhile, you can check out their latest song in the video below.