Wolfgang Van Halen Reveals Whether Alex Van Halen Played For Mammoth II

After announcing the release date of Mammoth WVH’s second album, Wolfgang Van Halen recently clarified speculations regarding the possible involvement of his uncle, Alex Van Halen, in a detailed conversation with Guitar Interactive Magazine.

Rumors swirled after Wolfgang playfully hinted at Alex’s potential unseen contribution. However, upon being asked about the truth behind this comment, the singer affirmed that his uncle had not made any such contribution.

Referring to the question about the former Van Halen member’s involvement, his answer read:

Not really. Though, one thing that I did do was just out of fun was the song ‘I’m Alright.’ For that solo, with the wah. When I was writing it, I was writing it while we were playing it just kind of taking different takes, I kinda got bored with the operation of it. “

However, he revealed an unexpected participant in the album’s creation process. He said:

“So, I had my uncle Patrick, who was in the studio and is a crucial part of the Mammoth team, and I just had him do it. So, on the album, you’ll see on the back of the album, it says, ‘All the songs recorded and performed by Wolfgang Van Halen, except for wah operation on solo of ‘I’m Alright’ by Patrick Bertinelli.’ I thought it was a funny joke initially, it actually held back the approval process of the album cover by one day because we had to sign a Work for Hire and pay him $1.”

Despite the drummer’s absence from the album, his influence on Wolfgang’s musical journey is substantial. In a 2022 chat with the Aquarian Weekly, the vocalist shed light on the role Al played in his career.

In one part of his explanation about his Grammy nomination, he said:

“My team, I call them the trusted humans, is me, my manager, my uncle, and my business partner. We are sort of the brain trust of decision-making when it comes to the band.”

If you’re intrigued by the behind-the-scenes details of Mammoth WVH’s upcoming album and want to know more, you’re in luck. The entire conversation is available for you to watch below.