Alex Van Halen Is In The Brain Trust Of Mammoth WVH, Wolfgang Says

During a recent interview with The Aquarian Weekly, Mammoth WVH frontman Wolfgang Van Halen revealed that his uncle Alex Van Halen plays a significant role in the decision-making process of his band.

After Wolf Van Halen decided to embark on his solo career due to Van Halen’s disbandment, he left the band’s charge to his uncle, who had always been the decision-maker in the group. Following his decision to make a name for himself in the music industry apart from his last name, Wolf found success with his solo band Mammoth WVH.

The musician received his first Grammy nomination in the Best Rock song category with his first single from Mammoth WVH’s self-titled debut album. The single entitled ‘Distance’ was released on November 16, 2020, and was a tribute to his father, Eddie Van Halen. The song was also accompanied by an emotional music video featuring home video footage of Wolf and his late father.

When he learned the news, Wolf Van Halen shared his feelings on Twitter and said he was happy and shocked about his first nomination. He was asked about his first reactions to his nomination during his recent interview. The rocker expressed that he couldn’t believe it was real initially, which was undoubtedly a crazy moment.

Then, Wolfgang revealed that he woke up by his manager’s call, and they had a conference with the brain trust of Mammoth WVH, including him, his manager, his business partner, and his uncle Alex Van Halen. It is not surprising to learn that his uncle has one of the leading roles in the decision-making process of his band, considering his duties within Wolf’s former group.

Here is how Wolfgang Van Halen reflected on his first reactions to his Grammy nomination:

“My manager called me and woke me up. My team, I call them the trusted humans, is me, my manager, my uncle, and my business partner. We are sort of the brain trust of decision-making when it comes to the band. My manager called me the morning of the announcements and told me to call one, and he was going to call the other and get us on a conference call. Then he said it, and I was just kind of like, ‘Holy sh*t, am I still dreaming? Or did I really wake up?’ It’s really, really crazy.”

Mammoth WVH has been currently continuing their ‘Young Guns‘ tour with Dirty Honey. The tour started on February 20 in Denver, Colorado, and will end on April 10 in Orlando, Florida.