Wolfgang Van Halen Decides To Leave The Charge In Van Halen To Alex Van Halen


Famous radio personality Eddie Trunk recently shared a post on his official Twitter account revealing what Mammoth WVH founder Wolfgang Van Halen discussed on his recent appearance on Trunk Nation. Apparently, Wolfgang has focused on his work with his own band, and anything related to Van Halen will be coming from Alex Van Halen.

As many of you know, Wolfgang started working with Van Halen in 2006 and performed as their bassist until the passing of his father, legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen last year. Following Eddie’s death, the band decided not to continue and disbanded in 2020. Since then, Wolfgang has been focussing on his solo career with the band he founded named Mammoth WVH. The rocker released his eponymous debut studio album on June 11, 2021, which received generally positive reviews from critics.

The former Van Halen bassist has been trying to make a name for himself outside of his career with his late father’s band. Hence, Wolfgang has been deliberately avoiding anything related to Van Halen. Since everybody has great expectations from him, with some people even comparing Wolf to his father, his decision to stay away from his former band makes total sense, according to many. However, the musician recently decided not to speak for the band anymore and move on.

As the Trunk Nation host revealed via a post on his official Twitter page, during an appearance on the show, Wolfgang said he’s mainly focused on his work with Mammoth WVH rather than being stuck with Van Halen. From now on, anything related to Van Halen, including announcements, will be coming from the drummer Alex Van Halen, who is also Wolfgang’s uncle. Since the drummer is a very quiet person on social media as well as interviews, fans wonder how things will turn out.

Trunk’s statement on Wolf Van Halen follows:

“For our information, I did ask Wolfgang Van Halen today if there were any official plans for an Eddie Van Halen tribute / memorial show. Wolf explained he’s focused on Mammoth WVH for now, and any decisions on Van Halen-related stuff would come from Alex VH.”

You can see the Twitter post below.

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