Wolf Van Halen Says Alex Van Halen’s Always Been The Decision Maker In VH


Mammoth WVH founder Wolfgang Van Halen recently joined The Eddie Trunk Podcast for an interview. The former Van Halen bassist argued it was Alex Van Halen who made and still makes all of the decisions for Van Halen.

Van Halen collaborated with audiophile brand Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab to release limited edition box sets of the first six records of the band. The release includes their records from 1978’s self-titled debut to the album named ‘1984,’ which marked the final album of the David Lee Roth era. Moreover, the first album’s release date is probably in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The reissues will be available in two formats that are UltraDisc One-step 45rpm double vinyl box sets and in Super Audio CD format. It is promised that the Van Halen albums will sound more vivid, raw, and entertaining than ever with these re-releases. So, there’s no doubt that Van Halen fans are excited to hear more about the release from the former band members.

In a recent interview, Eddie Trunk talked to Wolfgang Van Halen about this news and asked him whether he was aware of the re-releases, or Alex Van Halen didn’t tell anything about this to him. As a response, Wolf said he is focused on his work with Mammoth WVH rather than handling Van Halen’s future projects, and his uncle Alex Van Halen is the one who manages all the work.

Upon hearing this, Eddie Trunk told Wolf that it seems Alex is the one who is behind the wheel of Van Halen and decides what is going to happen for the band’s new projects. Wolf then responded by saying Alex Van Halen has always been in that decision-making position in the band, before and after it’s split.

At some point during the podcast, Eddie Trunk asked Wolf Van Halen the following:

“A press release came out about this today, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but I’m assuming you are. The first six Van Halen records are being re-released. Are you aware of that, or Alex Van Halen didn’t talk to you about any of this?”

In response to this, Wolf said:

“You know, that’s probably already been underway. I get e-mails and like, ‘Oh yeah, okay. Sure.’ I mean, I’m so trenched in Mammoth world, and Al is the one who handles all the stuff. I’m there to help, but Al’s the guy.”

Trunk then stated:

“So, Alex is steering the Van Halen stuff and what does and doesn’t happen.”

Wolf said:

He always has been.

Apparently, Alex Van Halen has been the one who makes the decisions in Van Halen, although one could easily assume that it was the band’s iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen. While they disbanded in 2020 following the death of Eddie, Van Halen seems to be making projects in the future like this under the charge of their former drummer.