Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea Opens Up About Fatherhood

On December 12, Flea, the 60-year-old Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist, welcomed his first child with his wife, Melody Ehsani. The musician became a father for the third time and was very happy with this beautiful experience. Speaking to People a few days before their baby was born, the guitarist shared his feelings about fatherhood.

“I love being a dad, and I can’t even believe that I’m about to have another baby,” the guitarist said only a few days before the birth. “I’m just excited about laying down at night with a little baby on my chest and smelling its little breath and feeling its soft little feet.”

Flea and Ehsani got married in 2019. Last summer, Ehsani broke the news of their baby, sharing a photo of her baby bump with the humorous caption, ‘I’ve put on a couple pounds.’ No further details were shared, but they welcomed their baby into the world last week.

The bassist tastes this feeling for the third time. He had a daughter, Clara, with his ex-wife Loesha Zeviar, and a son, Sunny Bebop, with Frankie Rayder. His first child is 34, while the second is 17 years old. The name of his new baby has yet to be revealed. Sleepless nights seem to be waiting for the artist, who became a father again at age 60.