Steven Tyler Scores Permanent Victory Against Sexual Abuse Allegations

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler won over sexual abuse allegations.

Last fall, former teen model Jeanne Bellino sued the rocker and accused him of forcefully touching her inside a New York City phone booth in 1975. The complaint stated:

“While holding her captive [in the phone booth], Tyler stuck his tongue down her throat, and put his hands upon her body, her breasts, her buttocks, and her genitals, moving and removing clothing and pinning her against the wall of the phone booth. As Tyler was mauling and groping [Bellino] he was humping her pretending to have sex with [Bellino.] Others stood by outside the phone booth laughing and as passersby watched and witnessed, nobody in the entourage intervened.”

What Else Did Bellino Say?

It continued:

“Tyler’s penis was erect, and it was evident to her as he rubbed it against her that he was not wearing underwear and wearing thin pants. [Bellino] fought back and struggled to be free but Tyler restrained her.”

Tyler Denied The Accusations

The musician said the accusations weren’t true. Judge Lewis Kaplan threw out Bellino’s lawsuit and said it can’t be filed again. Kaplan said Bellino waited too long to sue Tyler under a New York City law that helps victims of gender-based violence. This is the second time he’s dismissed Bellino’s complaint against Tyler. The singer’s attorney said after the first dismissal:

“We agree with the judge’s reasoning, and are grateful for this result on behalf of our client.”

Tyler is also facing a lawsuit for sexual assault in a California court by Julia Misley. She said she met Tyler when she was 16 and he made her believe they were in a romantic relationship. In his response to Misley’s lawsuit, Tyler said they had a consensual sexual relationship even though she was 16 at the time. He also claimed immunity because he was her legal guardian then.