Wolfgang Van Halen Explains The Problem With Van Halen Fans

Wolfgang Van Halen had an outburst on Twitter over a user’s comment and talked about why he has been aggressive towards his father’s fans while explaining what is wrong with Van Halen fans.

Eddie Van Halen passed away in October 2020 and saddened both his fans and loved ones. Fans still commemorate the late Van Halen guitarist on social media, and they make sure his son Wolf Van Halen makes his father proud.

However, Wolfgang is known to reply to those comments and criticisms sarcastically and harshly, and the more aggressive he gets, the more reactions he receives from Van Halen fans. The amount of hate and judgment Wolfgang receives increases every day, from topics such as riding Eddie’s coattails to criticizing him because he is not playing Van Halen songs on stage.

Recently, a Van Halen fan criticized him for his replies to fan comments. According to Wolfgang, everyone who defends his father’s legacy must get exposed to snarky comments. Instead, the user asked Wolf to be nice to the people who care about Eddie and stop cursing at them. However, the guitarist explained what is really wrong with Van Halen fans and stood by his comments.

A Twitter user commented under Valerie Bertinelli’s tweet the following:

“Wolfie sure has been vulgar towards his Dad’s fans. You’re so nice and he’s telling people to fu*k off about playing his Dad’s music, like somehow everyone is just an a*shole. Used to be such a fan, now it’s like, cra cra like all the rest! So sad… like it’s not a thing Eddie Van Halen is Dad.”

To which Wolf responded:

“The thing about Van Halen fans like this is that by ‘being nice to fans’ they mean, deal with the unwarranted daily attacks from bitter 50+-year-olds, which I’m just not gonna do. If someone’s being an asshole to me, I’m gonna make a joke and/or tell them to fuck off. Deal with it, bro.

Imagine your dad dies, and then legions of people with him as their profile picture say horrible shit to you all the time. That’s social media for me.

It’s as if by being a Van Halen fan for however long, they think they’ve somehow bought stock in my existence and can tell me how I should be living my life, how my relationship with my father was, and how I should be honoring him.”

He also added his views on social media by stating:

“It’s fucking weird, dude. I’m just on here tryna have a good time, live my life, use this stupid app, and share stuff with you guys. I ain’t got time for the bullshit, so I’m gonna turn it into something fun for me by making fun of the dipshits because they make it so easy.

If being so available on here means people will misconstrue my intentions, take things I say out of context to use against me, and get the wrong idea about me in general then so be it. I know what I’m about, and nobody can change that.

So basically fuck that guy is what I’m trying to say haha.”

Wolfgang is currently on tour with Guns N’ Roses, and he seems very happy to be included. Wolfgang wants to go on his way and make music solo instead of sticking to his father’s path. It appears that the members of Guns N’ Roses are among the people who recognize and appreciate the musician for who he is rather than treating him like Eddie Van Halen’s son.

You can see the entire thread below.