Brian Johnson Recalls The ‘Unusual’ Habit Angus And Malcolm Young Had

Every artist has creative rituals, as all choose a different path to follow their muse. It seems that Angus and Malcolm Young also had theirs. While recently chatting with Spin, frontman Brian Johnson discussed the unusual creative habit of the iconic brothers.

AC/DC already had a track list of unwritten songs when Brian was recruited to the band after Bon Scott’s death. However, the then-new frontman’s job was to complete these songs and write lyrics to these already-titled tracks. Yet, it was a bit unusual process for Johnson.

“Yes, but the boys always did that,” told Brian as he answered if he did find it unusual to write words to titles. “They always get a title that the title is very, very important, and of course, they’re right. A good title, which can be a good hook line, it means a lot to them, and they’ve come up with some f*cking stunning ones.”

To artists, writing catchy song titles is essential since they are usually the first thing to catch our attention while looking over tracks. We cannot hear the tune or appreciate the lyrics before listening to the track, so the title is a gateway into the spirit of the song.

Angus and Malcolm knew the importance of a well-crafted title since it can evoke curiosity and mental imagery in listeners. Even if their method was a bit unusual for Brian, he appreciated their creative ritual.