Dee Snider Recalls The ‘Bipartisan’ Movement Against Him And Rock Music

Dee Snider recently looked back on the PMRC’s attempt at censoring rock music in the ’80s with a new post on X by saying it was a ‘bipartisan’ movement. He replied to a post about the case that read:

“Thanks for standing up against censorship! Ironic that the fascists who made up the PMRC are the same kinda folks who try to play your song at their Klan rallies today. Party on and remain excellent.”

In his tweet, the singer wrote:

“Actually, in total honesty and fairness, this was a bipartisan effort. It was the Regan era, and censoring rock music was the one thing the Reps and Dems could agree on!”

The Battle Against The PMRC

Back in 1985, the PMRC targeted rock bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and AC/DC, claiming their music negatively influenced young listeners, and a legal battle between the two parties started.

Snider touched upon what happened during this period in his novel ‘Dee Snider: He’s Not Gonna Take It’ and collaborated with Magilla Entertainment to create a docuseries about it.

Speaking of the docuseries in a chat with Deadline in 2022, he shared his feelings about the attack that came from both the Republicans and the Democrats by saying:

“To be in the crosshairs of this bipartisan attack on free speech caught me completely off guard. All my rock and roll dreams were finally coming true, and the PMRC was trying to shut me up. Some of my peers thought we should ignore them, but I couldn’t. To quote a brilliant man, ‘This is our life, this is our song!’ Someone had to fight back, and I fought hard!”

Lack Of Support From Other Rockers’ Part

During the case, names like Frank Zappa and John Denver joined Snider to speak in defense of rock music at a Senate committee hearing. Despite this support, the former Twisted Sister vocalist felt somewhat isolated in his efforts, as he revealed in recent interviews.

A few months ago, he shared with AXS TV:

“It was really disappointing, you know, to charge into battle, and we capture this in the book beautifully. The great thing about graphic novels is that you get those visuals. I thought that I was carrying the freaking flag of freedom. I just thought there would be armies behind me.”

His words went on:

“Then I got out there in the middle of the battlefield, and I turned around. I was by myself, literally by myself. But someone recently said, ‘Dee, not all of us are capable of speaking out the way you do.’ I said, ‘Well, get behind me.'”

Throughout the hearings, Snider refuted the PMRC’s claims against rock music. In the end, the court ruled that albums with explicit content should have a ‘Parental Advisory’ label to help parents monitor what their kids listened to.