Wolfgang Van Halen Admits He Is Jealous Of A Foo Fighters Song


During his interview with My Planet Rocks, Mammoth WVH founder Wolfgang Van Halen talked about his favorite songs and revealed that Foo Fighters was a great inspiration for him while he was producing his latest album. Wolf also added that he was very jealous of how good the band’s iconic song ‘Let It Die.’

Foo Fighters released their sixth studio album entitled ‘Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace’ on September 25, 2007. The album received very positive reviews from both the fans and music critics and won a Grammy award for Best Rock Album. One of the album’s tracks ‘Let It Die’ inspired many next-generation musicians.

As one of those young musicians, Wolfgang Van Halen also revealed that he was inspired by the style of Foo Fighters during the creating and recording process of his solo band’s self-titled debut studio album ‘Mammoth WVH.’ The album was released on June 11, 2021, after Wolf released some of its singles such as ‘You’re to Blame’ and ‘Distance.’

In a recent interview, Wolf Van Halen listed his favorite songs ranging from The Beatles to Foo Fighters. While he was talking about his favorite songs of Foo Fighters, he didn’t forget to mention the great influence of Dave Grohl’s band on him and his music. Wolfgang revealed that Foo Fighters’ song, ‘Let It Die,’ was a great inspiration for his solo works. He also admitted that he is jealous of the song’s remarkable riffs, building up, and ending.

In Wolfgang’s words, he said regarding Foo Fighters:

It’s one of my favorite Foo Fighters songs in general. I think it’s really apparent that the Foos are a huge inspiration for my music and this is one of those songs where just like I’m jealous of it. I’m jealous of how good it is. You hear just the riff, the building up, the ending. It’s a perfect song.”

You can listen to the interview and the song below.