Wolfgang Explains If Van Halen Ever Considered Working On A New Album

Van Halen’s former bassist and Mammoth WVH founder, Wolfgang Van Halen talked about his late father as his biggest inspiration and his upcoming album ‘Mammoth WVH.‘ He also revealed whether Van Halen would continue to work on the next projects in different circumstances or not during his interview with Metal Hammer.

As you have already known, Van Halen decided to form his own solo band Mammoth WVH in November 2020 after his father, Eddie Van Halen’s death. Recently, he released singles entitled ‘Distance,’ ‘Feel,’ ‘You’re to Blame’ and ‘Don’t Back Down,’ from his upcoming debut album. Then, he also shared the lyric video of ‘Think It Over’ on Youtube.

Wolfgang Van Halen’s ‘Mammoth WVH’ will be released on June 11, 2021. As a promotion of his solo band’s debut album, he interviewed with Metal Hammer Magazine. He stated that his father Eddie Van Halen is still a great source of strength and inspiration for him, while he has been through difficult times. Eddie Van Halen always supported his son and believed in his musical talent.

Moreover, he explained that they didn’t plan to record another album after the twelfth and final studio album of Van Halen, ‘A Different Kind Of Truth.’ It was a challenging process because of his father’s ongoing health problems. He also added that If his father had become healthier in time, Van Halen would have continued to produce and release more albums and singles.

Here’s what he said:

“It wasn’t really in the cards. Considering by the time we toured again my dad’s health issues really started to crop up so we couldn’t really invest in that. I like to think if that hadn’t been the case we’d definitely have worked together more though.

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