Wolf Van Halen Shares His Favorite AC/DC Song For Pre-Show Ritual

Wolf Van Halen conducted a Q&A on his Instagram stories, talked about his favorite pre-show ritual, and revealed that it includes listening to a song from AC/DC.

After Van Halen’s disbandment following Eddie’s passing, Wolf focused on his developing project Mammoth WVH and released his debut album. After the easing of the pandemic restrictions, he began supporting it with a tour. Although relatively new to the rock and roll scene, Wolf Van Halen recently kicked off his tour with Dirty Honey after opening for Guns N’ Roses in 2021.

The talented musician also gave some good news to his fans by revealing that he is planning to record new music before the end of 2022 and release it soon. Considering his tour will end in June, it seems like Wolf has made a plan to record and keep himself busy.

After performing a show during his tour, Wolf conducted a Q&A on his Instagram stories and replied to his fans’ questions. A fan wondered what Wolf’s pre-show activities were and what gave him the kick-off to go on stage and energetically perform songs. Wolf revealed that they listen to AC/DC’s ‘Night Prowler’ with his touring members every night.

Here is the question:

“What’s your favorite pre-show ritual?”

Wolf answered:

“The boys and I listen to this every night before we go on, ‘Night Prowler’ – AC/DC.”

He also shared the screenshot of the AC/DC song in his Instagram story. ‘Night Prowler’ is the final track on the band’s iconic album ‘Highway to Hell.’ It was the album to carry AC/DC to a prominent spot in the rock and roll industry and helped them establish their name. The album was also the last to feature Bon Scott, who passed away about a year after the release.

You can listen to the song and find Wolf’s Instagram story below.

Photo Credit: Wolf Van Halen – Instagram