Wolfgang Van Halen Confirms Mammoth WVH’s Second Studio Album

Wolf Van Halen recently kicked off his tour with Dirty Honey and got on stage for his fans. In a recent Q&A he conducted from his Instagram account, Wolf revealed that he plans to release a new album he hopes to record before the end of 2022.

Wolfgang started his career by playing the bass for Van Halen sharing the stage with his father, Eddie Van Halen, one of the most iconic guitarists in the rock and roll world. After his unfortunate death in 2020, the band called quits, and Wolfgang decided to establish a name for himself.

He began working on his solo project Mammoth WVH’s debut album, in which he played all of the instruments during the recording. With the pandemic halt, the musician couldn’t go on supporting tours, so the fun was delayed. The restrictions have eased worldwide, and the musicians have started reuniting with their fans.

Wolf Van Halen’s debut album ‘Mammoth WVH’ was released in 2021, and on March 5, 2022, he kicked off his supporting tour headlining with Dirty Honey. The young rock bands have been counting down the days as they are excited to show rock and roll fans that rock is not dead. Wolf’s fans are also happy about the shows, but they still expect new songs.

During a Q&A on his Instagram, a fan asked Wolfgang whether he was considering releasing a second album soon. Wolfgang replied with a positive answer and said that he could not wait to get back in the studio, possibly when the tour ends on July 7. He wishes to record the album in 2022 and release it as soon as possible.

Here is the question asked:

“Any plans for a second album? I can’t wait for some more music from you!”

Here is Wolf’s reply:

“Absolutely. Can’t wait to get back in the studio. Hope to get the next album recorded before the end of the year. Thank you.”

You can have a look at the story and listen to his latest album while waiting for the second below.

Photo Credit: Wolf Van Halen – Instagram