Sebastian Bach Explains Why He’s Performing Only Skid Row Songs During His Solo Shows

Eddie Trunk recently posted Sebastian Bach’s setlist on Twitter, and a fan questioned why Bach only sings Skid Row songs in his shows. The former Skid Row frontman responded to the fan’s question and explained the reason.

Sebastian Bach was the lead vocalist of Skid Row from 1987 to 1996, as he left the band due to some disagreements between him and the other band members. However, Bach still highly values Skid Row, and in July 2021, he announced that he would like to plan a tour in honor of their second album, ‘Slave to the Grind’s 30th anniversary.

Bach invited his former bandmates to join him on tour, but the guitarist Dave Sabo declined, whereas their former drummer Rob Affuso accepted to go on stage with Bach. When Eddie Trunk tweeted the setlist of their show, a fan complained that it’s only Skid Row songs and noted that Bach should also perform his solo songs.

Here is the fan’s complaint:

“Why is he only doing Skid Row songs? His solo stuff is awesome, why not do it? I hated when David Lee Roth only did Van Halen stuff.”

Sebastian Bach replied by stating:

“Because we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the very first heavy metal album to debut at number one on the Billboard chart that I wrote the title track from.”

The fan continued:

“I know that, and I love that you are celebrating it. But there is room for solo songs, too. ‘Slave’ is 13 songs. You did 18. Your true fans bought your music, not just Skid Row music.”

Bach confessed that in the future there will be more solo material by tweeting:

“You cannot compare the popularity of songs released on Atlantic Records to songs released on Independent distribution labels. I’m playing songs that people know. In the future, there will be more solo material, but I’m not doing the work that a record company should be doing.”

The fan wasn’t convinced:

“Understood. I’m sure it is still an awesome show, but I’ll see you when you do the Sebastian solo show. If I wanna see a Skid Row concert, I’ll go see Skid Row (I won’t see Skid Row without you)!”

Bach responded:

“This is a Sebastian solo show. I wrote the song Slave to the Grind. Why wouldn’t I play it?”

Sebastian defended himself and his choice of playing only Skid Row songs. However, the tour is a celebration tour of the band’s 1991 album, and therefore the fans attending will come knowing so. Regardless, Bach’s contribution to Skid Row is undeniable. The album’ Slave to the Grind’ was released by Atlantic Records and was the first heavy metal album that charted at No. 1 on Billboard 200. The album features four songs written by Bach.

You can see the tweets below.