Sammy Hagar Discloses His Favorite Tour From Van Halen Era

Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar shared a post on his official Instagram page showing a throwback picture of the band members for his weekly ‘Van Hagar’ posts and revealing his favorite tour with Van Halen was ‘For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge Tour’ when a fan asked in the comments section.

As many of you know, Sammy Hagar has been sharing ‘Van Hagar’ posts for a while now which means he shares stage moments of Van Halen on his official Instagram page when he was the frontman of the band. While Hagar often revealed pictures with only late guitarist Eddie Van Halen, he has been recently sharing the whole band.

Recently, Sammy Hagar shared another Van Hagar post on his official Instagram page revealing all band members laughing at the backstage, making a joke about bassist Michael Anthony implying that he does not often understand the jokes, however, in this picture he did.

Here is what Hagar said:

“Aaah finally found a shot where Mikey got the joke 😆 We took the backstage party onto the stage and shared it with the fans. #Backstage #Onstage #VanHagar”

While all fans shared a comment appreciating the beautiful picture, a fan asked Sammy Hagar his favorite tour he had with Van Halen. Apparently, it’s ‘For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge Tour’ which was one of the band’s longer tours and included many places the band rarely played in their history. On top of this, Hagar revealed that that’s when he met his wife Kari Karte with whom he’s married for 26 years.

Here is what the fan asked:

Favorite tour from your years with Van Halen?”

Here is what Hagar said:

“Without a doubt for unlawful carnal knowledge, that’s when I met Kari

You can see the Instagram post by clicking here.