Why Chester Bennington’s Family Accused Mike Shinoda

Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda had been bandmates for more than two decades. The two rockers had a close friendship aside from sharing vocalist duties in the band. Following the devastating news about the musician’s passing, Shinoda frequently opened up about his fellow musician.

During multiple interviews, the musician stated what a beautiful person his bandmate was both spiritually and musically. Despite always praising his late friend, Chester’s family didn’t agree with the singer’s attitude and claimed he’s fake. Furthermore, Shinoda was accused of profiting from their fans’ grief and that the things he said about being close to the late singer were all lies. Let’s take a closer look into this mind-blowing accusation together.

Chester Bennington Passed Away At The Age Of 41

As nearly all of his fans know, Chester Bennington had struggled with depression and anxiety since his childhood. Despite being vocal about his mental health issues and substance abuse during multiple interviews, nobody around him expected his sudden passing. On July 20, 2017, Bennington was found dead at 41 by his housekeeper at his home in Palos Verdes Estates, California.

His cause of death was ruled as suicide by hanging, and although there was a half-empty bottle of alcohol at the scene, no other drugs were present. His fans, family, and friends were shocked to hear the news, and Linkin Park canceled the rest of their One More Light Tour and refunded tickets as expected.

While many reasons may have brought him to that decision, many fans think it was also related to his close friend Chris Cornell’s passing. The Soundgarden lead vocalist’s death was also ruled as suicide by hanging two months earlier, and Linkin Park singer passed away on what would have been Cornell’s 53rd birthday.

Bennington’s Family Accused Mike Shinoda Of Abusing Fans’ Grief

As his bandmate for many years, Mike Shinoda was also devastated when he heard about his friend’s passing. During an interview with Kerrang!, the rocker claimed he spent more time with Chester than anybody else in his life except for his wife. Apparently, the two were always together like brothers, and his statements were pretty much the same as every other interview about Chester.

In the interview, Shinoda said:

“I spent more time with Chester than anyone else in my adult life, except for my wife. We were always around each other. People would say we were like brothers, but we were different because brothers are bound by blood.

Technically we were dudes in a band who could break up and walk away from each other if we wanted to. I think it’s more exceptional that we never did that.”

One year after the Linkin Park singer’s passing, his sister Tobi Bennington shared a post on her official Twitter page, that has since been deactivated, accusing Mike Shinoda of faking his pain over the death of his bandmate. Tobi’s Twitter account was taken down before sharing any more posts, and apparently, it was hacked by somebody.

According to Tone Deaf, Chester’s sister tweeted:

“Insincere actions and saccharine sweet words… I was too traumatized then to speak up. Honestly, I thought the charade was over, but he only spoke louder. He was rewarded for his ‘pain.’ And now the charade is growing, and it needs to stop.”

After Tobi Bennington’s Twitter account was taken down, her husband shared posts on Twitter condemning Mike Shinoda’s actions. According to the family, Shinoda’s actions on stage, including making the audience sing Chester’s vocals, are wrong and disrespectful. Bennington’s family said they support having a new lead singer, but it’s always wrong to profit from their fans’ grief.

Chester’s brother-in-law shared:

“Now you’re getting warm on one of the main themes that hurt my wife. Mike had the crowd sing Chester’s parts! So wrong! Hire a new lead singer and go out as LP 2.0! That we all support. But he’s profiting on fans’ grief!!! That’s wrong and sad!!”

After these bold accusations, Mike Shinoda decided to remain silent. He didn’t respond to any of these posts and continued performing Linkin Park songs during his live performances. Since his intention is to pay tribute to his bandmate instead of milking his late friend’s passing, the musician seemed to be okay with these claims since they are just not right.

You can see the Twitter post below.