Justin Chancellor Explains The ‘Songwriting Agreement’ In Tool

Tool’s bassist Justin Chancellor has delved into the potential for a new Tool album while elaborating on their collaborative songwriting process and how they decide on song contributions. In a recent interview with Revolver, the bassist revealed:

“We have an agreement between the four of us that when we write something and share it with each other, it’s automatically the property of Tool. So it’s really a question of creating something original that I haven’t shared with them. It becomes its own thing.”

Tool Has A ‘Pretty Intense’ Filter System For Songs

Apparently, Tool is looking forward to getting in the studio to write and record for their next studio album this summer in the same space in Hollywood they have been meeting for over 30 years. The 4-year wait since the release of ‘Fear Inoculum’ will come to an end with the new album. So, how does Tool write songs, how do the songs get picked for the record? Well, the drummer Danny Carey explained how their filtering system works:

“Our filter system is pretty intense. If it gets by the four of us in the band, then we figure it’s going to work. It’s a really painstaking process that we go through to finish [an album], and get it where we are all completely convicted.”

The New Album Is ‘Different’

Chatting about the new sound and lyrics of the album, the bassist revealed that things are going to be a little different than their previous works. He detailed:

“It’ll be different this time. Everyone’s life is different, and everyone’s expectations are different. Time is precious now, so you try and look for ways to be more efficient with the process. We’ve had a lot of discussion about that and how we can bring a new record to fruition in a slightly different way.”

So it’s safe to say we can even have a new single soon.