When Metallica Frontman James Hetfield Attacked Paparazzi


There’s no doubt that there’s always been tension between the paparazzi and artists when the celebrity photographers cross the line of privacy or the musician having a bad day. Either way, fans sometimes get to see their favorite artist’s anger whenever these unpleasant incidents happen just like the time when Metallica frontman James Hetfield attacked the paparazzi during a vacation in 2011.

James Hetfield is often mentioned with his exceptional music career with Metallica that spans over four decades including countless awards, monumental studio albums, endless chart hits, and record-breaking tours. However, Hetfield reveals his rage every now and then whenever an irksome incident happens especially when it’s related to his music, for instance, the time when he kicked his mic and throw his guitar after a tech guy left his microphone close during a performance with Lady Gaga on February 12, 2017, at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards.

While his fans are beyond understanding when they see James Hetfield’s actions after having trouble with his art due to another person’s mistake, his reaction to a paparazzi ten years ago was quite surprising as Metallica singer acted differently than his usual behaviors. Let’s dive into the story of his attack on a cameraman when he was being photographed.

James Hetfield Attacked The Paparazzi With Stones


The notorious incident took place when James Hetfield was on vacation over Christmas with his family in Punta del Este, Uruguay in 2011, while the Metallica vocalist was trying to have a good time with his then 11-year-old son Castor Virgil Hetfield as the father and son were out taking a moped ride in the countryside.

When the paparazzi didn’t leave them alone as the two were trying to spend some quality time during a holiday, James confronted the photographers quite a few times. After realizing that they were not going anywhere until taking the pictures that they want, Hetfield was apparently bothered by the photographer’s actions, thus, leveled up his reaction and decided to throw pebbles he found on the ground at the paparazzi according to Ultimate Classic Rock.

Despite the infamous attack that happened a decade ago and James Hetfield received backlash after throwing actual rocks at the photographers, the occurrence still remains as one of the most well-known paparazzi-musician fights since the Metallica icon doesn’t have many other feuds with photographers or any other press member for that matter.