Bruce Kulick Says Gene Simmons Was Fully Committed To KISS In Early Years

Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick recently looked back at the KISS album ‘Revenge’ for the record’s 30th anniversary and said Gene Simmons was fully committed to the band back then.

KISS released its sixteenth studio album, ‘Revenge,’ on May 19, 2022, marking a departure from their traditional pop-influenced glam metal sound. Hence, the album showed a heavier and darker side of the group. There was also a massive costume shift, which led them to have an image according to their sound. The heavy metal style was immediately apparent on the album.

The band’s previous two records had sold below expectations, so they were looking for a way to re-establish their mainstream audience. However, ‘Revenge’ didn’t bring the success they searched for either. The album received mixed reviews from the music critics. Some praised the record for its fresh sound, while others found it inadequate.

Bruce Kulick released a video for the album’s 30th anniversary on his YouTube channel and looked back at its making process. The guitarist stated that the album revitalized the chemistry between Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley once had.

They were now eager to produce something new together. Kulick explained that Gene Simmons was finally back and fully committed to giving his best at the time. He thinks Paul Stanley was also really helpful to Simmons during this process. Stanley also emphasized that all the band members’ contributions were equally significant.

Kulick on Gene Simmons:

“Gene was back, front and center, fully committed to the band. Paul showed a fiercer side of him, contributing songs with passion and conviction. He would proudly state, ‘This is absolutely a band,’ and that all the members were important with their contributions.”

You can watch the full video and listen to the album below.