When Alice Cooper Almost Died By Hanging Himself During A Live Show


Alice Cooper released his tenth solo studio album entitled ‘Raise Your Fist and Yell’ on September 5, 1987, and the album was considered as a great example of harmony between horror, violence, and music. One of the album’s iconic and legendary tracks, ‘Prince of Darkness,’ took place in John Carpenter’s supernatural horror movie with the same name in which the musician appeared as a violent killer.

In addition, Alice Cooper decided to go on a tour to promote the album, Live in the Flesh Tour, which became known for its extremely violent and dangerous stage shows, stunts, and props, including fake blood, reptiles, pyrotechnics, guillotines, and electric chairs. Since the beginning of his career, Alice Cooper has experimented on various theatrical performances during his live shows, but this infamous tour almost featured the musician’s last show.

The Live In The Flesh Tour Could Have Been Alice Cooper’s Last One


The Live in the Flesh Tour started on October 15, 1987, n California and ended on May 6, 1988, in Brussels, with Ace Frehley’s Comet and Faster Pussycat’s supporting acts. The audience and music journalists who attended these concerts described the tour as highly violent and later shared their ideas about it in their articles.

Alice Cooper used gallows, blood, and a bike, which was seen in the ‘Prince of Darkness’ movie before, and performed onstage deaths. These shows were considered so extreme that the German government demanded Cooper remove some parts. Furthermore, a British parliament member stated that Cooper’s shows must be banned. However, David Blunkett’s attempt wasn’t successful, and the musician came to the UK as a part of the Live in the Flesh Tour.

The Godfather of Shock Rock performed ten shows across the UK, one of which was held on April 7, 1988, at Wembley Stadium. Before the performance, he wanted to get ready for his onstage death by hanging and started the rehearsals with his team. However, they didn’t realize that the thick piano wire had to be changed until it almost killed Cooper because of asphyxiation.

In one of his previous interviews, Cooper recalled those moments saying that the rope hit his chin, and if he hadn’t flipped his head back, he wouldn’t have survived that accident. Thankfully, the musician only fainted because of the lack of oxygen, but he didn’t give up on the hanging scene even after this near-death experience. He performed the show as planned to not disappoint his audience, and this incident turned into an unforgettable story from Alice Cooper’s crazy tour.

Cooper talked about those moments, saying:

“Everything has its stress limit, and after doing so many shows, I never thought about changing the wire. You know, I figured it’ll last forever. The wire snaps. I could hear the rope hit my chin and in an instant, I flipped my head back.

That must’ve been a fraction of a second because if it caught my chin it would have been a different result. It went over my neck and gave me a pretty good burn. I went down to the floor and pretty much blacked out.”

You can watch one of these hanging scenes below.