Vince Neil Refuses To Label Mötley Crüe As Toxic

Mötley Crüe recently appeared on 60 Minutes Australia to discuss their journey towards sobriety, addiction, their bond as band members, and more. During the interview, bassist Nikki Sixx shared his experience of being sober for over 20 years, while frontman Vince Neil discussed whether the members have a toxic relationship with each other.

When asked if it’s better being sober, the bassist responded with:

“My life was not good if I used… You know, probably. Vince’s life was better than I got used to because, I mean, [he was] trying to burn his house or something. But we’ve had each other’s backs through everything. Three of us have been to jail.”

The band was asked if they ever considered that they were not good for each other. Sixx said:

“Oh, you mean like we’re in a toxic relationship?”

Neil revealed:

“I couldn’t imagine being in another band without these guys. It’s just magical when we hit the stage, and the crowd goes up, we start playing. There’s just something magic about it.

It appears that the current members of the band are not experiencing any problems or negative interactions with one another. However, this was not always the case with the former members. In fact, Mick Mars, the previous lead guitarist, filed a lawsuit against the band in April 2023. He claimed that they were attempting to force him out of the band after retiring from touring as a result of his health issues.

The guitarist stepped back from touring in October 2022, and the rest of the band then continued touring, replacing Mars with John 5.

See the interview below.