Victoria De Angelis Admits Fame Changed Måneskin’s Music

Måneskin bassist Victoria De Angelis recently discussed the impact of fame on the band’s music in a recent interview. During their interview with NME right before their Glastonbury set, the band was asked about their plans for new music. Later, the topic of whether fame has altered their music was brought up. Angelis stated:

“Probably a little bit, I would say. Of course you get more thoughts and opinion [aimed at you], but we try not to think about it when we’re writing. If you get too much up in your head then you lose the natural part of it.”

Starting music at an early age, Angelis mentioned the band’s first days and said:

“Of course, it must have changed because we’ve evolved and we’re growing. We’re still so young and when we started we were only 16-years-old. You always learn something new from touring and the artists you meet. It improves your ways of writing and creating.”

Similarly, in an earlier interview, the remaining band members opened up about the same matter, fame. Daviano David, the frontman, stated his opinion on it:

“The dark side of stardom has to be told because people don’t really know how hard it is.”

The drummer, Ethan Torchio, followed with:

“This kind of life, it’s very fast and it’s always rushing. We’ve had to learn what to do if something is not fair, or it doesn’t feel good.”

Following their victory at Eurovision 2021, Måneskin earned recognition and received widespread praise from notable figures such as Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop. The band not only received a personal invitation from Jagger to open for Rolling Stones but also rereleased their song ‘I Wanna Be Your Slave’, this time featuring Iggy Pop, in their latest album ‘Rush’.