Tracii Guns Slams Kirk Hammett Over His Dismissal Of Solos

After Kirk Hammett recently told Guitar World that most audience members tend to forget guitar solos, Tracii Guns shared his disagreement with the idea on X. Replying to a post quoting the Metallica guitarist’s comment, he wrote:

“That’s a really weird thing to say, Kirk Hammett. Solos are string poems. If the solos aren’t memorable, then they are crap.”

Taking to social media again today, Guns expanded on his earlier comments. He posted one of Neal Schon’s guitar solos and captioned the video:

“Somebody said non-musicians don’t remember guitar solos. I say Fooey. I’m sure arenas full of people can sing this total Neal Schon guitar solo.”

Hammett’s Views On Guitar Solos

In his interview on Saturday (December 16), Hammett talked about what he saw as the difference between an average listener and musicians, saying:

“I hate to say it for all your readers out there, but non-musicians, who are the majority of the f**king listening world, they are not going to remember guitar solos.”

Revealing what actually was memorable for most of the audience, he went on:

“They are gonna helluva remember a great melody, and they’re really gonna remember a great song – especially a song that’s gonna bring them to a different place from where they were five minutes previously.”

Despite these views, the guitarist continued to include guitar solos in Metallica records throughout the years. 2023’s ’72 Seasons’ also had examples of them in songs like ‘Lux Æterna.’