John Deacon’s First Observation About Queen That Explains Everything


John Deacon is now a retired musician, but he once was the bassist for Queen. During his tenure with the rock icons, Deacon composed several hit songs and was involved in the band’s financial management. Contributing to Queen’s sound with his electronic and musical skills, he grew apart from the band after Freddie Mercury’s tragic passing in 1991.

When Mercury departed from this world, Deacon performed with Queen in 1992 for the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. This was his final full-length concert with the band. After that, the bassist performed with the remaining members of Queen on several occasions. However, it seems like his career with the band wasn’t always filled with joy. In fact, his first observation about Queen unveiled an untold truth.

What Was John Deacon’s First Impression When He Joined Queen?


Although he was shy and reserved, John Deacon was a talented artist who contributed to each one of Queen’s albums with his songwriting, guitar, keyboard, piano, and bass skills. However, Freddie Mercury’s passing left a deep scar on John Deacon, and he thought Queen was over without the legendary frontman.

During his tenure with Queen, Deacon remained in the background due to his introverted nature. As a result, he didn’t really seek to find a place in the spotlight. Besides, the pressure of being known worldwide and the fame surrounding the band wasn’t something he could deal with.

On the other hand, it was known that there were almost always conflicts between Queen members. In 1991, Deacon disclosed that they often had heated arguments over each other’s contributions. Each member thought their songs were better, resulting in problems and a lack of teamwork. Besides, they also couldn’t decide on songwriting credits and royalties.

In Mark Blake’s book ‘Is This The Real Life?: The Untold Story Of Queen,’ the band members shared their first impressions of Queen. According to John Deacon, his first thought about the other musicians was that the three band members argued relentlessly, and he always tried to avoid this conflict.

Here is what John Deacon said about his observations when he first joined Queen:

“When I first joined Queen, the other three argued like mad, and I just kept out of it.

In 1997, John Deacon eventually decided to retire from the music industry. In a 2014 interview, his former bandmate Brian May stated that the bassist didn’t want to stay in touch with the remaining members and wanted to live his own life. Although May invited him several times to rejoin Queen, Deacon stated he didn’t want to do this anymore.