The Special Gift That Angus Young Was Received From Roger Federer

Professional tennis player Roger Federer has become one of the most famous and talented athletes of all time thanks to his extraordinary talent and hard work. He was considered a member of the Big Three of tennis alongside Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, especially after winning 20 Grand Slam men’s singles titles. He was listed many times as the No. 1 tennis player in the world following these achievements.

Roger Federer had a great interest in playing tennis when he was very young, but he gained international fame after a legendary match. In 2001, Federer beat four-time defending champion and all-time Grand Slam leader Pete Sampras at the age of 19. It was just the beginning, and everything changed for him after that.

His fame and popularity as a tennis player helped Federer achieve his childhood dreams, one of which featured AC/DC. While Federer is one of the champions of his field, the same can be said for AC/DC and their importance in rock history and the music industry. Today we’re going to shed some light on how these champions crossed paths.

Roger Federer Is A Huge Fan Of AC/DC

Roger Federer has a huge fanbase and has inspired many young people. His increasing popularity also drew the attention of journalists who wanted to find out exclusive details about his childhood, hobbies, and interests. Thus, there were several instances when journalists asked Federer to name his favorite bands and musicians.

During his appearances, Federer revealed that he likes different types of music such as disco, electronic, hard rock, and heavy metal. He named his favorite bands and musicians, saying that he likes listening to Queen, Michael Jackson, AC/DC, and Metallica. However, the athlete emphasized that hard rock has always had a special place since he discovered AC/DC’s legendary songs. So, it can be said that meeting with the band members was one of the best moments in Federer’s life.

Roger Federer Gave Angus Young A Tennis Racket

The athletes increasing fame and popularity enabled him to meet the AC/DC members in person. He had the chance to have a brief chat with AC/DC’s Angus Young when he attended an AC/DC concert in 2001. Federer gave Angus Young a racket as a gift, and Young’s present was a guitar pick. He stated that he would use it when he decided to learn how to play guitar.

As it can be understood from his gestures in the video, the tennis player was very excited and happy to see them backstage. Then, he went back to his spot to watch the band’s concert. Years after this first meeting, Angus Young visited Federer to watch his matches in the French Open tournament at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris. Federer expressed his happiness about seeing him again through his social media posts.

Here’s what Federer said:

I gave them one of my rackets. He gave me back a pick for a guitar. I don’t play guitar yet, but maybe I’ll learn.”

You can watch the video below.