Bad Company’s Simon Kirke Is Still Struggling With Regrets About Late Brian Howe

Bad Company’s Simon Kirke revealed in a recent interview with VRP Rocks that he is still dealing with regrets concerning the late Brian Howe.

The drummer said that for those interested in Bad Company, it’s important to discuss the Brian Howe era, and then continued:

“It was a period that I feel the band took a different direction. It became more of a hair band if you want and away from the soul for the blues rock soul that Bad Company was known for. I have a few regrets because we didn’t get on with Brian, and I won’t knock him because he’s now passed away.”

Appreciating The Music Despite Differences

He added the following, further sharing his thoughts on the Howe period of the band:

“We had our differences, and that’s the way it goes, but he was a hard worker, and we made some good music. I’m not knocking the music. We made a couple of good albums, and it’s funny. I have to remember this band’s been around for nearly 50 years, and there are generations that were brought up on the Brian Howe albums.”

Howe’s Reflections On His Time With The Band

Following Paul Rodgers’ departure to create the supergroup The Firm with Jimmy Page, Bad Company brought in Howe in 1986, who then contributed to four more albums. Brian left the band in 1994 and later disclosed in a 2019 chat with The News-Press that he held no regrets over his time with Bad Company. The vocalist noted:

“Basically, it was a lovely ride. It’s fantastic to be accepted as a guy who can write songs that people actually like. I never really quite got over the fact that when I walk out onstage, the audience knows the songs probably better than I do. And that’s a tremendous compliment for any artist of any stature at all.

Brian was amazed by how a simple melody he created privately could become a popular song that many people know and sing. He described the journey from recording a tune in his room to having it stand out among countless others as both surreal and wonderful.

You can watch Kirke’s interview below.