Tracii Guns Resembles Axl Rose’s Early Vocals To Robert Plant

L.A. Guns lead guitarist Tracii Guns recently joined a conversation with Metal Edge and remembered the moment he first listened to his former bandmate from Guns N’ Roses, Axl Rose.

Tracii Guns’ relationship with Guns N’ Roses was short-lived, but he was still one of the founding members of the legendary rock band. He met Axl Rose through Izzy Stradlin, and the duo’s music tastes were quite similar, which encouraged them to start making music together. This marked the beginning of a collaboration that would later evolve into Guns N’ Roses.

In a new interview with Metal Edge, Tracii Guns recalled the first time he heard Axl Rose singing, which probably encouraged their collaboration. The guitarist met Axl Rose for the first time at the age of 17, and their first encounter was very brief. However, they saw each other in their element during a show they performed with their then-separate bands shortly after their first meeting.

While recalling that he heard Axl Rose for the first time during a soundcheck for that show, Guns described his vocals as ‘mind-blowing.’ Tracii Guns compared his voice to Mike Jagosz’s, whose tone reminded him of Klaus Maine and Ronnie James Dio’s, and said that in comparison to his contemporaries, Axl Rose definitely stood out.

The musician described Axl’s voice as bluesy and resembled it to Led Zeppelin icon Robert Plant’s. However, he added that he had never heard anyone sing like that before as it was not fashionable at the time. Tracii also later told Izzy Stradlin how impressed he was with Axl Rose’s voice, which apparently didn’t surprise Izzy.

Guns revealed his first impression of Axl Rose as follows:

 “The first time I met Axl, he had just flown in from Indiana, and he was staying with… it was his ex-girlfriend or current girlfriend, this chick Jane. And we drove over to meet him. I only met him briefly, and he was super nice. I was 17.

And then the first time I heard him sing was when L.A. Guns, Hollywood Rose, and Poison all did a show together. This was pretty soon after I met him. L.A. Guns and Hollywood Rose were playing downstairs, and Poison was playing upstairs.

It was their first gig in L.A. I remember I kind of was hanging out with Axl, and then he got up to soundcheck, and he blew my face off. I was like, ‘Holy sh*t!’ Cause Mike Jagosz was a really great singer, but he had kind of a Klaus Meine, Dio thing going on. Axl had more of this Robert Plant, bluesy thing, and I really never heard anybody sing like that. Because that wasn’t what was fashionable at the time. I told Izzy Stradlin, ‘Man, that guy, wow!’ He goes, ‘I told you…'”

Many bands have experienced lineup changes, but L.A. Guns is one of the few bands that has seen so many. Tracii still performs with L.A. Guns, and the band had a pretty good tour last summer. Last year, they released a new record named ‘Checkered Past’ featuring eleven tracks, and they’ll hit the road in the States in December.