Tony Iommi Reveals That Sharon Osbourne Introduced Him To Ronnie James Dio Hoping They Would Play Together

During a recent conversation with Spin, Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi talked about the time when he was introduced to Ronnie James Dio.

After having lots of conflicts within the band, Black Sabbath decided to fire their frontman, Ozzy Osbourne, back in 1979, and instead, they hired Rainbow singer Ronnie James Dio afterward.

In the conversation, Tony revealed that Ozzy’s wife and manager Sharon Osbourne was the one who introduced him to Dio at the party. According to Tony, Sharon’s intention was to see them playing together.

Furthermore, Tony stated that he mentioned the idea of making a solo project, and Dio was interested in it. Later on, Tony called Dio to play with them after Osbourne left, and they started jamming together.

The interviewer asked:

“So, for Heaven and Hell, the first Sabbath record for Ronnie in the band… I know Sharon Osbourne introduced you two. Did you already know him from Rainbow or Elf?”

Tony Iommi replied:

“I’ve never met him before. I’d obviously heard him with Rainbow. I thought, ‘wow, God, he’s a great singer.’ Never thought for one minute I’d end up being in a band with him. She introduced me to him at a party. Remember those?”

The interviewer asked:

“Ha, barely! Had she introduced you with the intention of you guys playing together?”

Tony Iommi replied:

“Well, it was sort of mentioned because it came to a point within Sabbath where it was getting a bit sort of… I just wanted to do something. And we were coming to a bit of a halt at the time because of the situation.

I did mention the idea of doing something solo, as a different project. Ronnie was interested in that. And then when it came to when Ozzy was no longer with the band, I called Ronnie and said, ‘do you fancy coming over and having a play with us?’

He came over and the idea was just to have a jam, really. We did, and we were all impressed with what he did. And he liked what we did. It sort of went from there, really.”

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