The Truth Behind The Steven Tyler Act

Many people know that paparazzi equals trouble for celebrities. Although these artists might be doing everyday activities like spending time with their family or sunbathing on a beach, paparazzi surround them suddenly and take pictures without their consent.

For that reason, it’s pretty challenging for celebrities to have peace of mind. Aerosmith’s iconic frontman Steven Tyler was also among those who could not enjoy a vacation peacefully, so he decided to make a move and urged the authorities to take action on this issue.

What Did Steven Tyler Do To Protect His Private Life?

Steven Tyler was spending time with his family at his $4.8 million Hawaiian home in Maui in December 2012, but the paparazzi published their images without consent, resulting in a family drama. After the incident, Tyler decided to propose a bill to Senator J. Kalani English to find a permanent solution for this issue.

In May 2013, The Hawaii state Senate passed the Steven Tyler Act. The bill named after Tyler himself makes taking unwanted pictures or videos of celebrities during private moments a civil violation. Tyler’s home in Maui is part of English’s district, and English backed the bill as it could also help celebrity tourism.

Except for two, twenty-three of the Senate members voted in favor of the bill. Those who voted against the measure stated that it violates First Amendment rights, and Hawaii already has laws protecting privacy. Moreover, some national media organizations also opposed the bill, fearing it would affect the freedom of the press.

Apart from Tyler, many other celebrities supported the bill, including the Osbourne family, Britney Spears, Mick Fleetwood, Avril Lavigne, and Tommy Lee. Submitting testimony supporting the bill, they argued that the paparazzi make it difficult for them to enjoy daily activities.

The Steven Tyler Act protects celebrities from unwanted pictures or videos taken during private moments. It opens up photographers, videographers, and distributors to civil lawsuits if they violate the act. So, thanks to Steven Tyler, the stars can now spend their time at their favorite vacation spot without disturbance.