Sleaford Mods Explain Why They Cut Show Short Over Palestine Supporter’s Antics

Sleaford Mods recently cut their concert short in Madrid after a fan threw a Palestine-flag-printed ‘scarf’ on stage. The show, apparently, lasted for about 90 minutes, with a number of tracks on the setlist left unperformed.

What Went Down

So, apparently, things got complicated when a fan decided to throw a Palestine scarf on stage while the band was singing their track, ‘Nudge It.’

After that, the duo, reportedly, threw the scarf back to the crowd, asked the audience not to repeat it again, and continued their set with the song.

However, the fan who threw the item earlier [apparently, a woman in the front row], tossed it once again onto the stage despite earlier warnings, and it was then the band decided to cut the show short and walk off.

Jason Williamson Opens Up About Why They Had To Cancel The Show

The duo’s vocalist Jason Williamson then decided to explain why they had to cancel the show with a tweet on X while also discussing how ‘picking sides’ in political matters wasn’t his job as an artist:

“Don’t be asking me to pick sides for something I ain’t got any real idea about, at a gig. I’m a singer. My job is music. The only real thing I know about war is that I’m sick and tired of premature death like we all are, of the murder of anyone, under whatever f*cking belief grid.”

You can check out the vocalist’s tweet below.