Gilby Clarke Vows To Defend Axl Rose To His Last Day

In a recent Zoom chat with Mike Z, Gilby Clarke discussed his latest album ‘The Gospel Truth’ and his Guns N’ Roses gigs in the ’90s. One part of the interview centered on the 1992 riot that took place after the band’s concert in Montreal. Clarke shared details about on-stage technical issues involving Axl Rose during that event:

“You know, I gotta tell you, I will defend Axl to the last day about that show because I’ll never forget when we went on, there was a lot of problems, and I remember that he kept coming up to me. If you ever see the footage, he kept walking up to me, goes, ‘How you doing?’ I go, ‘I cannot hear a thing. I hear my backline amp, but I don’t hear you. I don’t hear Matt [Sorum].’ He goes, ‘I’m having the same troubles because I can’t hear anything.'”

He defended his former bandmate by saying:

“So, he kept trying to play a couple of songs, and it was just getting worse. It wasn’t getting better. So, like I said, I will back him to the end. It wasn’t Axl being Axl. It really was a decision, ‘Oh, man! This show just sucks, and maybe we should just restart the show.’ And like I said, that one part of the show I will always remember.”

Reportedly, Rose went through vocal issues throughout the 1992 stadium tour with Metallica and had to cancel a few shows before taking the stage in Montreal, which he recalled in an interview with MTV:

“We had just stopped the tour because I had throat problems. Came back, and I realized, ‘I’m gonna hurt myself.’ I told Slash, ‘Two more songs if we can’t get it fixed, I gotta go.’ We did more than two more songs, and finally, I was just, like, ‘I don’t know what to do.’ I looked over, and Gilby was like, ‘Dude, I can’t hear. And Duff [McKagan] was like, ‘I can’t hear either.’ We had a little huddle, and we were like, ‘We’re outta here.'”

Following Guns N’ Roses’ decision to end the set early due to technical problems and the vocalist’s sore throat, a group in the audience started a riot. The incident caused a lot of damage and led the band to get banned from the city’s Olympic Stadium for life.