Tony Iommi Reveals A Little-Known Truth About Ronnie James Dio’s Pre-Show Routine

Black Sabbath co-founder Tony Iommi was the latest interview guest of ‘Rockin Metal Revival’ last week and talked about his late bandmate from Heaven & Hell and Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio, and revealed a little-known-truth about his pre-stage routine.

The late legend Ronnie James Dio was one of the most popular figures of his era and after he replaced Ozzy Osbourne as the lead singer of Sabbath in 1979, he recorded three different albums with the band until he had to leave them because of his health issues.

As you may already know, Tony Iommi and Ronnie James Dio were an incredible duo in both Sabbath and ‘Heaven & Hell’ which they shined together. Also, the album is considered one of the best albums of the band.

In his latest interview, Tony remembered his old-time buddy and unearthed the truth that Dio would never have people in the dressing room and never warmed up before the show.

Here’s how Tony recalled his friend:

“The last tour we did with Ronnie was real precious, and we had such a great time. And we really bonded. The last generation of the period with Ronnie was really close — everybody was close. Yeah, Ronnie was such a really nice person.”

What I liked about Ronnie, he gave everybody time. It was just remarkable. Before the show, he’d have people in his dressing room — ’cause we’d have separate dressing rooms — he’d have people in there talking away and drinking and whatever.

And he never warmed up or anything; he’d never done any kind of warming-up procedure before he went on stage. And he’d walk on stage and he’d just unbelievable; his voice was spot-on. It was just amazing, really, how he could do that.”

He continued:

“He was a really nice, caring character. He’d call me up — even just before he passed, he was on the phone to me, calling me from the hospital.
It was very sad, really but he thought a lot of everybody — he really did. And he loved his fans.”

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