Led Zeppelin Icon Jimmy Page’s Favorite American Group


One of the most incredible things about Led Zeppelin was that each band member had unique talents, which allowed them to create a fantastic sound. Yet, Jimmy Page was the chief architect who saw the potential and brought together this amazing team. Without him, it would never be the same iconic band. His mind-blowing solos and perfect balance of highs and lows all defined Led Zeppelin’s sound.

As Page was hugely interested in the technology and production side of music, the band got the opportunity to experiment with different sounds and techniques they had never tried before. Led Zeppelin frequently finds a place for itself in the lists of greatest bands of all time with their technical skills, versatility, and ability to channel emotion into music. Still, Page didn’t forget to give credit to the others he admired and chose a group as his favorite American band.

Which Band Did Jimmy Page Love The Most?


Many fans wonder about their favorite musicians’ admiration and inspiration. Therefore, artists get questions during interviews about their favored musicians and bands from whom they drew inspiration. Hence, in a conversation with Rolling Stone back in 1975, Jimmy Page was also asked about his favorite American guitarists.

After naming Jimi Hendrix, Clarence White, Amos Garrett, Les Paul, and Elliott Randall among the American guitarists he admired most, the musician also revealed that his favorite American band was Little Feat, with whom they shared the same period. The guitarist’s bandmate, Robert Plant, also named Little Feat his favorite band.

His favorite American band, in Jimmy Page’s words:

“Well, let’s see, we’ve lost the best guitarist any of us ever had, and that was Hendrix. The other guitarist I started to get into also died, Clarence White. He was absolutely brilliant. Gosh. On a totally different style. The control, the guy who played on the Maria Muldaur single, ‘Midnight at the Oasis.’

Amos Garrett. He’s Les Paul-oriented, and Les Paul is the one. We wouldn’t be anywhere if he hadn’t invented the electric guitar. Another is Elliot Randall, who guested on the first Steely Dan album. He’s great. Band-wise, Little Feat is my favorite American group.”

Formed in 1969 in Los Angeles, Little Feat is famous for its impressive blend of rock and roll, blues, jazz, country, and R&B. Their enormously versatile sound has allowed the band to build an ever-growing fan base in the United States and Europe. Although the band was derailed after their guitarist and primary songwriter Lowell George’s death, they continue delivering their unique music today.