Tony Iommi Responds To Ozzy Osbourne’s Final Wish About Black Sabbath

Tony Iommi has responded to his bandmate’s one wish about Black Sabbath.

In a recent episode of The Madhouse Chronicles, Osbourne confessed that he felt there was more to the Sabbath story and that he would love to reunite with Ward for a final performance.

Now during a recent chat with Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk, Iommi said of the possibility of an encore:

“It’d be a nice idea, but you’re gonna get everybody going, ‘Oh, they’re doing it for the money. They’re doing it for this, they’re doing it for that.'”

He explained that money wasn’t the issue and that they would actually love doing it:

“Well, it wouldn’t be. I mean, it’d be something that’d be a nice thing to actually do, but whether it happens will be another thing. But we’ll see. I mean, who knows?”

Geezer Butler Is Considering A Reunion

Last year, the Black Sabbath bassist opened up about his relationship with Osbourne and also discussed the chance of a Sabbath reunion.

The idea of a reunion with original drummer Bill Ward has been going around since the band performed their 2016-2017 ‘The End Tour’ with Tommy Clufetos on drums. However, for various reasons, the possibility of a reunion remained more of a dream than a reality. The rocker said during a 2023 interview:

“I don’t think Ozzy’s up for it anyway.”

Is Ozzy Up To A Reunion?

Butler was right. In another interview a year before, Osbourne said if he and Iommi were to make an album it would sound like a Sabbath album. He added that they had ‘put Sabbath to bed’ already, so it was off the table:

“If Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi do an album together, it’s going to sound like a Sabbath album. Tony was the sound of Sabbath. There’s no getting away from the fact that, when he plays with me, it’ll be some kind of a reflection of that. Maybe the tracks he did on my album was like what Sabbath should have been had we stayed together, but I want to take it away from Sabbath. We put that band to bed. And if he wants to [make it another] Sabbath album, I’m not doing it!”

You can listen to the interview below.