Lars Ulrich Names The Rock Icon Who Brought Him To Tears

In a recent interview with SiriusXM’s ‘Trunk Nation Power Trip Special,’ Lars Ulrich spoke about what it was like to watch AC/DC perform live at 2023’s Power Trip festival following seven years with no stage shows. After describing the experience as a ‘triumph,’ he explained:

“I saw them here [at Coachella in Indio]. I think they played here in ’15, so eight years ago. And I saw them in San Francisco later that year. And obviously, as a lifelong fan — I mean, I saw AC/DC back in Denmark opening for Black Sabbath in ’76 or ’77.

And then they came back on ‘Let There Be Rock’ tour and played a 1,500-seat venue with no support act and basically played all of ‘Let There Be Rock.’ And it was literally f**king mind-blowing. And then I saw them along the way, when I came to America, obviously, on and off, and we played with them for a whole tour on the Black Album in ’91.”

Mentioning how Angus Young’s performance with the band gave him tears, the drummer went on:

“As a lifelong fan, I actually got a little misty-eyed a couple of times when Angus was kind of going out, and you could hear the… When he walked out and played his solos on the ramp and stuff, it felt like people were sort of holding him up and really just loving him, appreciating him. And there was a unity.

I’m actually getting misty-eyed as we’re talking about it. There was a unity, and it’s that unity that you and I have talked about and that thing about when this community comes together around what we all share, that it was just such a beautiful moment. It was just such a triumph.”

He referred to Brian Johnson’s reaction to the festival show and added:

“And Brian, who looked like — I didn’t feel like there was anybody anywhere in Southern California that was having a better time than Brian… That s**t-eating grin he had on his face. It was so great. What a wonderful moment.”

Earlier in the month, before taking the stage at the festival, Ulrich commented on the Power Trip lineup by saying it was ‘awe-inspiring’ to have AC/DC, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest in the same venue, as the three bands were ‘huge influences’ on him. In the same chat with the Los Angeles Times, he also explained what made the Indio festival special for Metallica:

“I went to [Indio’s] Desert Trip in ’16 with the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Neil Young, and the rest of that incredible lineup. It was so cool because it was different than other festivals. My wife and I have been going to Glastonbury [in England] every year.

We’ve been to Coachella many times and to Lollapalooza. But Desert Trip was just the headliners on one stage. It’s a great site with a lot of music history. Subsequently, there was some chatter about doing a hard rock version; the offer finally came in six or nine months ago. As a fan of hard rock, I’m going to be there the whole weekend and see every band.”

According to James Hetfield, Metallica arrived at the festival spot early to both rehearse and see the other bands on stage. Ross Halfin photographed the band members in the audience while they were watching Judas Priest’s act on October 7.