Steve Stevens Recalls His Disappointment Over His Guitar Solo In ’Top Gun’

Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens recently appeared as a guest on Professor of Rock. The musician revealed that he felt disappointed when his guitar solo in ‘Top Gun’ appeared in a different part of the movie from what they told him.

Steve Stevens is best known for being a longtime guitarist and songwriting collaborator of Billy Idol, yet the guitarist also appeared in many other projects. One of the notable projects he participated in is the 1986 film ‘Top Gun,’ featuring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis as the leading stars.

Steve Stevens contributed to the film’s soundtrack with his instrumental guitar work. He wrote the music with Harold Faltermeyer. Stevens played the guitar parts while Faltermeyer played the keyboard during the recordings of ‘Top Gun Anthem.’ The entire song can be heard in the film’s ending scene. The song also brought a Grammy to Stevens for Best Pop Instrumental Performance in 1987.

He recalled his disappointment over his guitar solo in the film during a recent appearance. The guitarist stated that he was invited to the movie’s premiere at the time, and he was pretty excited about it. Then, the film started, but there was a surprise for Steve Stevens. He assumed his guitar work would appear at the beginning of the movie.

However, the guitarist had to wait to hear it until the film’s middle part, which was unexpected. The rocker complained about it to Harold Faltermeyer at the moment, but he wasn’t serious, though. Stevens said he was joking since he didn’t expect anything from the film.

His disappointment over his guitar solo in ‘Top Gun’ in Steve Stevens’ words:

“He sent me a telegraph saying, ‘The premiere is going to be in New York. Would you come to the premiere?’ I said, ‘Sure.’ I’d never been to a film premiere. This is a big movie. I was sitting there, and I knew the music. It’s building up, and it is the scene where the jet is coming up out of the aircraft carrier. I know my theme is going to come on bar 32. I remember the track.

It is about to come up, and right before the guitar comes in, it cuts the ‘Danger Zone.’ I looked at Harold and went, ‘No, you didn’t.’ It is the producers, I go, ‘Those bastards!’ I had to wait until 45 minutes into the movie when my guitar suddenly appeared, and I was pissed off. It was supposed to come at the beginning. But then, we did the video. I was half-joking. I didn’t expect anything. I was kidding about it.”

You can watch the entire interview and Stevens’ song below.