Phil Collins’ Phone Call To Robert Plant About John Bonham

Losing someone you love and care for has always been one of the most challenging situations people must endure. In rockers’ cases, the musicians got so involved with losing bandmates and fellow musicians mainly due to substance addiction at some point. Regardless of their fame and wealth, rock stars experience this unbearable pain of loss and unexcepted deaths.

Like many of them, Led Zeppelin members also went through hard times after their drummer and friend John Bonham’s death. It took a toll on the band’s career as losing a bandmate even marked the ending of Led Zeppelin. While each remaining member was devastated, Genesis drummer Phil Collins‘ words about the late musician made Robert Plant find condolence and the courage to begin on his solo career.

How Did John Bohnam Die?

Before and during Led Zeppelin’s rehearsals for their North America tour, John Bonham was drinking too much even though he needed to be sober to focus on his performance. After the rehearsals, the band members went to the guitarist Jimmy Page’s house to spend the night, and Bonham fell asleep. However, no one could know that it was the last time they saw him, and the drummer passed away because of asphyxiation from vomit on September 25, 1980.

His early death devastated his family, friends, and fans from all around the world that expressed their love and respect for him as a good person and one of the most talented drummers of all time. Shortly after losing Bonham, the remaining band members didn’t want to continue without him, so Led Zeppelin disbanded in 1980. They focused on their solo and side projects, both separately and with each other.

What Did Phil Collins Say About John Bonham?

The band’s frontman Robert Plant formed The Honeydrippers to create and perform a heavy rhythm and blues sound combined with rock music. Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck joined him, but Plant wasn’t sure about what he would do after being a member of Led Zeppelin for a long time. A dear friend’s call encouraged him to start his successful solo carer, Genesis icon, Phil Collins. The drummer stated he would be happy to take place in his works.

The main reason behind that was Collins’ defining Bonham as his muse at the beginning of his longtime career as a drummer. As a result, Collins and Plant collaborated for the singer’s debut solo studio album entitled ‘Pictures at Eleven’ and second record ‘The Principle of Moments.’ The musician never forgot Collins’ support during the challenging times following Bonham’s death. Moreover, Collins named the drummer among the five drummers he loves the most in one of his previous interviews.

In Plant’s words, he said:

“When Led Zeppelin came to an end, I knew I couldn’t try to create another Zeppelin. So, I teamed up with guitarist Robbie Blunt. We put a band together and started to record. I got a call from Phil Collins, and he said, ‘John Bonham was the inspiration behind my playing, and I’d like to come and play with you and for you.’ He played on the first two albums, and it was great.”

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